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Founded in 1958, Audiolab is a premier retailer and installer of high-end home theater, home audio systems, and home automation products. Shop your top brands receivers, amplifiers & speakers like Denon, JBL, Revel & more. Audiolab is a full service sales and installation company. Call us for expert advice and try out some of the world’s best audio brands.


Speakers & Subwoofers

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Great speakers make for great sound, and Audiolab sounds great. Come check out our amazing selection of speakers for all budgets. Whether it’s two channel sound or home theater, everyone loves bass. Come feel the earth move under your feet with a subwoofer that can rock the house.


HD TVs & Projectors

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Your state of the art sound system needs a great picture to go with it. In sizes from 48”-148” we have the right HDTV or Projector for your needs. The clarity of 4K images becomes most evident when you view them on a big screen. And projection screens can be bigger than any TV you’ve imagined.


Record Store & Turntables

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Whether you are new to vinyl or a long-time audiophile we have state of the art turntables for every budget. Of course, you will need music to play on your new turntable so we have everything from Taylor Swift to Tchaikovsky. Come see our large and growing collection of new and used records.


Home Theater Room

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When you want to hear what your viewing area should sound like, come visit our Home Theater Room. We can help you get yours to sound like ours! If you’re looking to upgrade your home entertainment, a home theater installation is the way to go. Audiolab will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs, budget, and space. Audiolab will recommend the latest in UHD projectors and Dolby Atmos sound systems for stunning picture quality and immersive audio.


Headphones & Bluetooth Speakers

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Everyone needs audio on the go. Our headphones and portable Bluetooth speakers keep the party rocking even when you are rolling.


Cables & Wires

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All of your gear needs the right connections to work up to its potential. We have the right interconnects to make your system shine.


Receivers & Amplifiers

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The heart of a modern sound system is a receiver that can power your theater system or an amplifier to drive your power-hungry speakers.


Audiolab Outlet Store

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The same great gear at a discount. What’s the downside?